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DSE Online Education Course Subsidy


WDSA (Wellington Down Syndrome Association) is delighted to be able to collaborate with Down Syndrome Education International to offer one their online courses a considerably reduced rate.

The course is Online course: Effective education for children with Down syndrome in school


WDSA is allocating $6000 to subside these courses reducing the cost to you by 80% of the normally prices.

Type Normal Retail After WDSA Subsidy
Professional Rate £125.00 approx $252 £25.00 approx $50
Parent and Caregiver Rate £75.00 approx $151 £15.00 approx $30

We are only able to offer this subsidy to parents and caregivers, teachers, teacher aides and other education professionals in the greater Wellington region.

Our subsidy is based on a first come first served basis until our funding is used up. WDSA reserves the right to subside these courses as we believe is the most equitable and fair for the whole Wellington region. We will look more favorably on parents and caregivers that sign up to our free membership than people who choose not to be WDSA members.

Please fill in our form here https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=v8nphdvp3UC2maNZiuYFN4MugQgeiBZLv4J4xP92lAZUQUJMRUwxSE9UWjhQTTA1ODhRODdJQ1pBTy4u or fill it in below

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