Christmas Party Wellington down Syndrome

Merry Christmas and Present Ideas

wdsa Christmas card 2019
A virtual Christmas Card made of fingerprints of some of the children from our wdsa Christmas Party.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing Christmas. We have some great events lined up on our events page for the first half of 2020.

Christmas Present Ideas

Are you stuck for Christmas Present ideas for your loved ones this year? Your friendly WSDA committee has some suggestions. Please Note: WDSA does not officially endorse any products or services:

Flynn’s Socks:

Flynn is a cool kiwi with down syndrome who sells funky socks. Just what you Dad or Granddad needs.

Down Light Candles

Light up a loved ones day with a candle from this awesome Down syndrome micro enterprise. Ruth one of our committee members is starting a new venture selling gift boxes so she can work while having Liam at home and also raise awareness of Downlights. Please email if you are interested. There are some beautiful mini candles available that are perfect for a thoughtful Christmas gift 🎅.

Ruths Suggestion:

Looking for great wooden educational toys? Ruth suggests checking out They handpick high quality toys that will enrich, inspire and ensure healthy brain development in young children.

Kinderboards are also cool. All the boys use our one. Baby on the move in Lower Hutt (who have donated prizes to us) sell them. Little Poppet NZ (another donater) have some cool kids clothing and bibs. The Noisy Book is also a great book for young kids.

The home made mud kitchen we made for the boys with old bits in Bob’s from the kitchen has a huge hit with our boys.

James’ suggestions:

One of our best all time presents are the ribbon wands Susan made Emily. They get a huge amount of use in our house. We have paired them up with a Bluetooth speaker and second-hand iPod and our daughter Emily is entertained for hours.

A couple of years ago I made the kids a doctors kit. Susan made a doctors coat out of an old white shirt. I printed some x-rays to OHP paper, made name tags and a patient form along with the standard stethoscope etc.

Our best investment big ticket item is a trampoline. Although really expensive and you need a lot of room.. its definitely a present we don’t regret purchasing.

Amanda’s Suggestions

Formula tins make a great posting box for younger kids. You can cover them in shiny paper or ask older children to draw on paper and then wrap that around. Cut the lid to the size you want. Put in fabric to pull out, common objects to post or print pictures in pairs for the older kids to match and post, say and post or pick a sound your working on “say and post” Elis other favorite is boxes…..hide in them, stack them, paint them…make a house, car or whatever your heart desires….Eli’s latest is a motorbike!

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