Something Special DVD Review

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Something Special is a CBeebies TV series for kids. It features the amazing Justin Fletcher who dresses up as various characters. The show was memorising for my daughter Emily. She loved Mr. Tumble the clown and his family and friends. She wasn’t too sure about Aunt Polly (Justin

s drag persona) . Emily learn learnt lots of Makaton and also good social stories.

Each show is short and focuses on a topic like going to the Zoo, Shops, Garden etc. Justin visits children with extra needs from a variety of backgrounds. He is very encouraging and all the kids seem genuinely excited to see their hero. Outside the trip cut scenes Mr. Tumble and his friends cavort in lovely English Country garden surrounds. The whole show features  brightly coloured dots and balls that are Mr Tumbles signature.

If you haven’t seen Mr. Tumble and have a pre schooler you don’t know what your missing. We loved it so much invested in a box set.

5 out of 5 stars

Let us know what is your favourite TV show for the kids?

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  1. We have the boxed set also. Got it sent from the UK a few years ago. James is about to turn 7 and still watches them sometimes.

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