Wairarapa get together in the School Holidays

During the school holidays some Wairarapa families had a casual gathering at our home in Carterton. Sienna – the newest member of the coolest club in town (9 months old), got to meet some of her older community members. Alex (15) passed the time strumming out some impressive tunes on the guitar. His face lit up when his friend Ava (14) knocked on the door! Janos (10) was enthusiastic about ‘the baby’ and Amber (10) was engrossed in playing with the Lego collection belonging to Siennas older brothers, so much so her Mum had a hard time getting her to leave! I really enjoyed connecting with my local the Downs Syndrome community and look forward to continuing to develop friendships between the children and parents for fun and support.

If you are intrested in connecting with other families in Wairarapa email Bridie Allen Bridie@wdsa.co.nz

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