Frances Clarke Memorial Awards

Frances Clarke Memorial Awards

2020 was the year is the 30th year we celebrated the FCMA awards. The were held in Government House on Thursday 8th October 2020.  

We had three recipients (below) and we were very excited to have Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield attend.

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8-16 Year Category: Ava Saba is a fiercely independent and astoundingly creative young woman from Masterton. She has a passion for dance. Ava has gained highly commended to level 4 in the Dance New Zealand Made Syllabus in Jazz and Hip Hop. She is an active member of StarJam and also performs in a wide range of creative arts.

16 and Above Category: Michael Holdsworth from Wellington received the very first Frances Clarke award 30 years ago and he continues to excel. Michael has been working in the IHC library for the last 26 years. He mentors people who come into the IHC library on work placements and also helps the library team with technology. He started playing the piano as a child and has continued to play throughout his adult life. Michael has played the piano for the Frances Clarke Memorial awards almost every year the awards have been held – 30 years this year. Michael also has a wealth of information about sports and has been very active with Special Olympics.

Community Category: Gordon Cumming believes in providing a hand up for the special needs community — not a handout. He has been instrumental in assisting the Independence Collective develop a beer brewing micro enterprise called Change Maker based out of Kapiti. This successes story was featured in the Unbreakable Documentary on TVNZ. Gordon has plans to replicate this success with collaborations in other parts of NZ and the world.


About the Awards

These awards recognise and encourage the special achievements of people born with Down syndrome in the greater Wellington region.

The awards are usually held in October or November each year. We are privileged to receive the support of the Governor General of New Zealand, who hosts the event and present the trophies at Government House.

Since 1990 Pam and Forde Clarke, parents of the late Frances Clarke, have donated two trophies to be presented annually to our outstanding recipients.

Recently we have also included an award for Outstanding Contribution to the Down Syndrome Community.

WDSA accept nominations for these awards each year usually during the month of August.

Any person over the age of 8 years with Down syndrome who lives in the Greater Wellington Region is eligible for nomination. The region is that area covered by the Wellington Regional Council and extends to both the Wairarapa and the Kapiti/Horowhenua areas.
A previous award recipient may be nominated again after 5 years after obtaining the award, if they have demonstrated new achievements.
Nominations may be made by anyone having a personal knowledge of the nominee i.e Teacher, sports coach, employer etc.
Nominations may be made for any achievements considered to be outstanding for the individual.
Separate awards will be made to people 8 to 16 years and those 16 years and over. There is a also an Outstanding Contribution to the Down Syndrome Community award.

Previous winners of The FCMA

Age 8-16 Years
1990 Michael Holdsworth
1991 Louise Mack
1992 Nicholas Fyfe
1993 Matthew Harris, Scott Methven
1994 Deena Rigby, Travis Wilson
1995 Malia Afoa, Via Vasa Madar, Shalyn Kearns
1996 Lafaele Pelasio, Damien Eagle
1997 Jayne Bruce, David Bayne, Paul Kimpton
1998 Kate Pansters, Carn Kelly
1999 Kate Bruce, Sarah Straker
2000 Nicola Murphy
2001 Tessa Haanen
2002 Christian Martin, Andrew Reynolds
Edward Watkins, Jevan Walls
2004 Vincent Timo Teo
2005 Timothy Dinsdale, Duncan Armstrong
2006 Ashleigh Hedges, Danny Gijsbers
2007 Jamie Davidson
2008 Ezra Akeimo, Danyon McFlinn Parker
2009 Amy Lewis
2010 Harry Rudkin
2011 Charlotte Elliott, Gabriel O’Connell
2012 Vanya Reedy, Aden Young
2013 Luke Frude, Oliver Langdale
2014 Alexander Walsh, Ben Taylor
2015 Ella Davenport, Zahra Lyford
2016 Pomare Dickson, Alice Parker
2017 Fletch Gallagher
2018 Sophia Griffiths, Heath Barcham
2019 Hinerangi Collins-Mohi
2020 Ava Saba


Age 16+ Years
1990 Colin Bailey
1991 Paul Hayes
1992 Gordon Llewellyn
1993 Tanya Sartorelli
1994 Paul Knipping
1995 Lawrence Taylor, Christine Collier, Stella Enting
1996 Richard Start, Justin Smith
1997 Kevin Porter, Melanie Williams, Duncan Renouf
1998 Sen Khamsisavatdy, Dane Muir
1999 Tamzin Hine, Alice Holmes
2000 Stephane & Theo Cody, Dean Mitchell
2001 Kirk McCarthy, Patricia Gallagher, Benjamin Shortis
2002 Richard Bruce, Matthew Harris, Chrisann Kerrigan
2003 Duncan Haley, Kim Turner
2004 Timothy Faith, Leighanne Barrett
2005 David Ledingha, Ben Allen
2006 Tessa Gaskin
2007 Jonathon Ellis, Tayler Johns
2008 Ezra Keegan Collins
2009 Wendy Best
2010 Neville Pugh
2011 Daniel Howard
2012 Moses Siow, Keegan Joe
2013 Nicholas Fyfe
2014 Amy Lewis
2015 Katrina Sneath, Paul Heyes
2016 Wade Ledingham, Jacob Dombroski
2017 Stephen Williams, Brendon Porthouse
2018 Duncan Armstrong
2019 Mithu Sathiyaseelan
2020 Michael Holdsworth 


Have a nomination in mind?

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